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Petra is the nation’s leading distributor for ocher strong sandstone. We strive to provide the nation with the highest quality of products including sandstone slab, tile and cut-to-size materials for construction and architectural design. Our sandstone is offered and distributed per each customer’s request: tile, slabs, blocks, or cut-to-size products. Ocher strong sandstone's slabs are generally exported in smooth and sandblasted finishes.


the ocher strong stone quarry has two layers currently in extraction along a very deep wall and offers a large amount of blocks already available for large distributions


over 40 years of laboratory experience allow us to offer high-quality products including slabs, tile and cut to size materials. The sawmill is located near the main international ports and trade networks.


our team specialized in the export of stones is supporting us by following every technical aspect. We offer the best packaging and loading service on ship.


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